Aoudad Hunting in West Texas!
Now Booking for 2023!!


  •  January and February
  • This is a 2 on 1 guided hunt in West Texas for free ranging Aoudad, (Barbary sheep). 
  • This hunt will be on very remote and private ranches.
  • All meals and accommodations are provided.
  • FULLY Guided 3 Day Hunt (You will actually arrive the day before the hunt starts and get about a half day to hunt after you sight in your rifle, so it is really 3 1/2 day Hunt!) 
  • Near 100% Success Rate
  • Closest airport: El Paso, TX
    Cost: $4250
  • License: Non Residence Five Day Special Hunting $48.00.

In 2021 we had Two Rams over 33”, Three Rams over 32”, Two Rams over 31”, Five over 30″ and Fourteen Rams between 28” and 30″ there were only eight rams that were less than 28″ out of a total of 39 Hunters. With 98% Opportunity!

In 2020 we had One Ram over 34”,
Two Rams over 32”, Four Rams over 30” and Nine Rams between 28” and 30″ out of a total of 31 Hunters! With 100% Opportunity!

In 2019 we had One Ram over 33”,
Two Rams over 31”, Nine Rams over 30” and Eight Rams between 28” and 30″ out of a total of 24 Hunters! With 100% Opportunity!